What is this event all about?

AniManGaki-Chan (or AMG-Chan) is an animation, comics and games (ACG) convention held annually by the same team behind AniManGaki. Our mission is to be a gathering place for enthusiasts, fandoms and followers to celebrate all things geeky; interests ranging from the edgy Japanese pop-culture to the Marvel-DC of the Western world. Held over two fun-filled days of costumes, exhibits, theme-inspired activities, guests appearances, autograph sessions, and stage performances, AMG-Chan is sure to give all visitors an amazing and memorable weekend!

Official Mascot

A female, white tengu with the special ability to shapeshift into human form, reflecting one's heart and dreams. She carries an air of mysticism, innocence and wonder. Thanks to Ten-chan, we may have gotten a rough idea of Kei-chan's (AniManGaki’s mascot) dreams.

Hope you'll shower Ten-chan with as much love as you did on Kei-chan. Please spare us the sibling rivalry!